Climate Action


An Interview with Head of Sustainability at Vivobarefoot

Climate Action caught up with Emma Foster-Geering, Head of Sustainability at Vivobarefoot, to discuss how the importance of...

Breaking the Silos: Cooperation Across Industries is Needed to Address Climate Change

Steve Kukoda, Executive Director at International Copper Assoication, discusses the importance of cooperation across industries to...

Buxton water bottles will now be made from 100% recycled plastic

Nestle has announced that all Buxton water bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic.

European cities commit to net zero buildings

As part of the World Green Building Council’s initiative, European cities have committed to net zero buildings.

McDonalds join forces with Ford for a double shot of sustainability

Together McDonalds and Ford Motor Company are changing the way companies manage waste and approach sustainability.

Arantxa Tapia on how the Basque Country Government are accelerating the energy transition

Ahead of the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 taking place in Madrid, Spain on the 10-11th December, we caught up with Arantxa Tapia,...

WMO highlights severe impacts after ‘decade of exceptional global heat’

The World Meteorological Organisation reveals that 2019 has been one of the hottest years on record.

H&M trials rental service to tackle fast fashion

H&M has announced a new trial where customers will be able to rent clothes from a store in Stockholm.

Glasgow commits to being free of ‘unnecessary’ plastics by 2030

Glasgow has announced that they aim to be plastic free by 2030.

Supermarket plastic rises to over 900,000 tonnes a year

The Environment Investigation Agency has released a report revealing that supermarkets are continuing to churn out a large amount of...

European Parliament declares a climate emergency

The European Parliament has declared a climate emergency.

Steven Kukoda on how investment in copper is critical for a circular economy

Ahead of the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 taking place in Madrid, Spain on the 10-11th December, we caught up with Steven Kukoda,...

Europe not on track to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

A new report has found that Europe are not on track to achieve any of the 2030 Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).

Estee Lauder signs renewable energy deal

Estee Lauder has signed a virtual power purchase agreement for a wind farm in a move to become more sustainable.

EasyJet pledges to offset carbon emissions from all flights

EasyJet has announced that it will offset all flights in a bid to become a carbon neutral airline.

PwC says UK’s progress in reaching net zero is slowing

New research by PwC has found that the UK’s progress towards net zero is slowing.

Rise in global wind speeds set to boost renewable energy power

A new study has found that an increase in global wind speeds is set to give a boost to green energy.

European Investment Bank commits to ending the financing of fossil fuel projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has said they will end financing for fossil fuel energy projects from the end of 2021.

Formula 1 announces plan to be carbon neutral by 2030

Formula 1 has announced their ambitious sustainability programme to become net zero by 2030.

Eurostar announces first plastic-free train

For its 25th anniversary, Eurostar have announced they will be running their first plastic-free train