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Decarbonising hard to abate sectors for the net-zero energy transition

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About this webinar

Join Climate Action for a complimentary webinar on how to decarbonise industry – cement, steel, glass, chemicals, manufacturing – in order to meet climate targets and reach net-zero emissions.

Heavy industry and transport are known as ‘hard to abate’ due to the immense challenge of electrification and the costs of transition. Whilst we know the significant impact these industries have on our climate and environment, the challenges, barriers, and pathways to net-zero are widely overlooked and under-resourced. We must rapidly increase investment if we are to scale-up and adopt strategies to decarbonise heavy industries. 

Register now to learn from industry and policy experts on the technical challenges of transition and the innovative solutions that are available today for our hard to abate sectors.

Join us to discover:

  • What are the biggest challenges to overcome in order to decarbonise heavy industry and transport?
  • What technological innovations can aid in the transition and how are they currently being used?
  • The investment needed to scale-up these innovations
  • Who bears the cost of decarbonisation?

You will hear from leading experts including:

  • Frank S. Aaskov, Senior Energy, Climate, and Environment Policy Adviser, Make UK/UK Steel
  • Angie Farrag-Thibault, Director, Transport & Logistics, BSR

Watch the full webinar on demand