Climate Action


Jamaica to run on 50% renewable energy by 2030

Jamaica set to run on 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030, up from the previous 30 per cent target.

Scottish Power switches to 100% wind power

Scottish Power has announced a shift to 100 per cent wind power.

HSBC invests £250 million in renewable energy

The HSBC UK Pension scheme has committed to invest £250 million in renewable energy infrastructure.

Amazon signs deal for 100% renewable electricity in their UK buildings

Amazon has announced a new deal to provide 100 per cent renewable electricity in all of their UK buildings.

John Lewis announces phase out of diesel-powered delivery trucks by 2028

The John Lewis Partnership has announced they will phase out diesel-powered delivery trucks from their fleet by 2028.


Sustainable Innovation Forum 2018

Taking place alongside COP 24, the Sustainable Innovation Forum will welcome over 600 carefully selected delegates over two packed days to establish partnerships between business, government and public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the ‘green...

Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2019

The highly successful Sustainable Investment Forum Europe, hosted by Climate Action in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative returns to Paris in March 2019.

While the European market is leading the global climate finance market, with advanced SRI and ESG strategies, green bond...

Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019

The Sustainable Investment Forum North America, held in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative, is the premier meeting space for sustainable finance professionals during Climate Week NYC.

Back for its 4th edition in September 2019, the forum will welcome over 300 attendees...

Neste partner with Air BP for sustainable fuel development

Neste and Air BP have joined forces to work on developing sustainable fuel for the aviation industry.

World’s first sustainable fashion museum opens in Amsterdam

Fashion for Good has opened a new interactive sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam.

#ProtectWater campaign launched to protect brewery industry

The #ProtectWater campaign, led by WWF EU and other crucial NGOs, has called on the European Commission to defend the law that protects...

Walkers introduces new recycling scheme

Walkers have introduced a new recycling scheme in a bid to reduce the plastic waste it produces.

South Atlantic islands plastic waste is ten times higher than a decade ago

New research has found that the amount of plastic waste on South Atlantic islands is rising at an alarming rate.

Tesco get rid of ‘best before’ dates from fruit and vegetable lines

Tesco have announced that they are getting rid of their ‘best before dates’ from fruit and vegetable lines in a bid to reduce food...

Plastic bottle recycling scheme trialled in UK car park

CitiPark are trialling a new scheme to recycle plastic bottles in a UK car park.

Britvic commits to 100% renewable electricity

Britvic has announced their commitment to 100% renewable electricity across all of their British manufacturing site from October...

Virgin Atlantic flight, partially fuelled by recycled waste, lands in the UK

A Virgin Atlantic flight, partially fuelled by recycled waste, has landed in the UK.

£1 million funding boost to combat marine plastic pollution

The Scottish Government has proposed £1 million in funding to combat marine plastic pollution.

Killer whales at risk of extinction due to pollution

A new study has found that half the population of killer whales could become extinct over the next 100 years because of...

Volvo introduces all new electric trucks in North America

Volvo have introduced all new electric trucks set to be launched in North America from 2020.

UK Government announces pilot scheme to reduce food waste

Today, the UK Government announced a pilot scheme to reduce food waste.

Uber invests $10 million in sustainable mobility

Uber have announced a $10 million investment over the next three years in sustainable mobility.