Climate Action


Green bonds issuance hit $255 billion in 2019

A new report by Climate Bonds Initiative has found that in 2019, green bonds issuance hit a record $255 billion.

China to phase out single-use plastics

China, one of the world’s biggest plastic producers, has unveiled a new plan to phase out single-use plastics.

IEA warns oil and gas industry must step up for climate action

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has called for the oil and gas industry to step up for climate action.

Marcius Extavour on how XPRIZE aims to drive technological solutions for sustainable development

At the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019, Climate Action caught up with Marcius Extavour, Executive Director, NRG COSIA Carbon at XPRIZE,...

Microsoft announces plans to be carbon negative by 2030

Microsoft has pledged to be carbon negative by 2030.

Asda joins forces with big brands to launch first sustainability trial store

Asda has announced plans to trial a new sustainable store in Leeds to tackle plastic pollution.

Quorn unveils carbon footprint labelling of its products

Quorn has announced that they will be adding a carbon footprint label to their most popular products.

UK Chancellor vows a ‘decade of renewal’ after prioritising environment in March budget

The Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain has vowed to prioritise the environment in the March budget.

Equinor aims to cut emissions in Norway towards near zero in 2050

Equinor has committed to slash greenhouse gas emissions in Norway.

Co-op commits to 100% recyclable packaging for own brand products

The Co-op has announced a new commitment to only use 100% recyclable packaging for its own brand products.

UK reaches milestone with zero carbon electricity surpassing fossil fuels in 2019

The UK has reached a historic milestone as zero carbon electricity outstripped fossil fuels in 2019 for the first time.

UK’s first grid-injected hydrogen pilot gets underway

A new ground-breaking hydrogen trial has begun in the UK.

Mobility Start-Up Gazelle Tech win ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019

Mobility Start-Up Gazelle Tech awarded ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 alongside COP25.

CCC urges UK Government to drive action on tackling climate emergency

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has addressed the Prime Minister, urging him to drive action to tackle the climate emergency....

BMW Group pushes low-emission transport logistics

BMW Group joins “Getting to Zero Coalition”. The objective: decarbonisation of international maritime shipping.

Tate Cantrell on how emerging technologies can be utilised for climate action

The week after the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019, which took place alonngside COP25 on the 10-11 December in Madrid, Spain, we caught...

UK’s first zero-emissions street to be trialled in London

The City of London Corporation (CLC) has announced that the capital will get its first zero-emissions street.

Oxford City Council sets £19 million budget for climate crisis

Oxford City Council has announced that will put £19 million into a fund for the climate emergency

Goldman Sachs says they will end funding for Arctic drilling

Goldman Sachs has announced that they will end funding for Arctic drilling.

Tony Worby on central role science will play in accelerating the solutions for a zero carbon society

Ahead of the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019 taking place in Madrid, Spain on the 10-11th December, we caught up with Tony Worby,...