Climate Action


Study reveals that major UK hospitals are surrounded by toxic air

A study by the British Lung Foundation & UK100 reported that 248 hospitals in the UK are located in areas with particle pollution above...

Australia suffering from toxic air due to lack of policy on coal use

A new report has found that Australia power stations are big contributors to toxic air pollution.

Report: Toxic Textiles

Sustainability: it’s not a word usually associated with the fashion industry, yet one that consumers are increasingly seeing more when...

ITV News at Ten increases climate change coverage

ITV has launched a new series that will focus on the devastating impacts of climate change.

Coca-Cola announces largest ever sustainable initiative for water brand

Coca-Cola has announced a new sustainable packaging scheme to show the company’s commitment to a circular economy.

Greta Thunberg sets sail on zero-carbon boat from UK to reach US climate summit

Greta, her father and a 2 man crew have begun the two-week journey to reach the US in a high-speed yacht, called the Malizia...

MaryKate Bullen on the importance of investing in forestry, land management and conservation

Ahead of the Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019, taking place in New York on the 25 September 2019 during NYC Climate Week,...

IPCC report: Land is critical in averting climate emergency

The IPCC has launched a new report which warns of the stark consequences of the climate emergency.

Burberry launches new sustainable nylon collection

Burberry has announced the launch of their new sustainable collection made from Econyl, a sustainable nylon.

UN warns of climate crisis as July revealed as hottest month ever recorded

A new report has found that the global temperature was substantially above average in July 2019.

Battery electric car sales triple in July

A new report by SMMT has found that electric car sales have risen in July.

Report: Skip the Slip - Environmental Costs & Human Health Risks of Paper Receipts

Skip the Slip - Environmental Costs & Human Health Risks of Paper Receipts

Plastic bag sales down 90% in England

New data by the Government has revealed that in England, plastic bag sales are down 90 per cent.

Nestle announces new partnership to deliver ‘world’s first’ biodegradable security seals

Nestle has become the first major company to switch to a new biodegrable seal for use on its transport fleet.

BMW Group plans to promote emissions-free driving in Plug-In-Hybrids

BMW Group announces plans to promote emission-free driving.

Virgin Media commits to 100% renewable energy goal

Virgin has signed up to the RE100 initiative.

How Green America is Promoting Green Public and Corporate Policy

Summer is underway and Green America’s work is in high gear! Thanks to our members' generous support, every day our programs are...

Report: Clean Energy is Calling

In 2017, Green America launched a campaign titled “Hang Up on Fossil Fuels” that urges the two largest telecom companies in the U.S.,...

Zara clothing to be made from 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025

The company that owns Zara has announced all clothing will be made from sustainable fabrics by 2025.

Air travellers face carbon charge to offset emissions

A new consultation has been opened by the Department for Transport to look at introducing a carbon charge to offset emissions.