Climate Action

Reactions to Trump’s repeal of the Clean Power Plan

President Trump administration’s move to abolish the Clean Power Plan has provoked multiple reactions from States, businesses and environmental groups questioning the rationality of the decision from both moral and economic perspective.

11 October 2017

Nicaragua to sign the Paris Agreement

During a meeting with a delegation of Senior Executives of the World Bank, the Government of Nicaragua announced that it will sign the Paris Agreement in an act of solidarity to the countries that are most valuable to climate change.

21 September 2017

Has President Trump changed his mind on the Paris Agreement?

During the past week, more and more media report that the US stance on the landmark climate agreement is softening, leaving wide room for interpretation that maybe the US is ready to re-negotiate its participation to the Agreement.

19 September 2017

EU to swiftly and fully implement Paris Agreement

Heads of the European Union (EU) Member States, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission have strongly reaffirmed the EU's commitment to the Paris Agreement

26 June 2017