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Changing our diet by 2050 is essential to achieving a sustainable future, new report reveals

The World Resources Institute offers up a five course ‘Menu of Solutions’ to achieve a sustainable food future

World’s largest solar farm to be built in Australia

The world’s largest solar farm may be built in the desert of Australia’s Northern Territory

3 of the ‘Big Six’ energy firms switch to electric fleets

Three of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies have promised to ensure all their employee vehicles are electric by 2030.

Tesco launches new drive to create new products out of food waste

The famous supermarket chain will support the circular economy model by reusing unsold fresh bakery bread to make olive crostini’s and...

Jeans go from blue to green

The new wave of sustainable jeans is here.

8 products that will make your lifestyle sustainable

Living sustainably doesn’t mean you have to live without luxuries but instead be aware of your resource consumption and choose options...

A climate crisis disaster happening every week, says UN

The United Nation’s secretary-general’s special representative on disaster risk reduction warned, in an interview with the Guardian,...

National Trust to divest £1 billion away from fossil fuels

The National Trust has announced that it will no longer invest in any fossil fuel companies.

The plantation of billions of trees will be significant solution for climate crisis

Researchers believe planting billions of trees could make a game-changing impact on the climate crisis.

Nestlé launches plastic-free wrapped snack bar

Nestlé has launched their new 100% recyclable paper packaged YES! Snack Bars, the first paper-packaged confectionary bar made under...

Asda commits to refill scheme in effort to reduce marine plastic

Asda has partnered with the non-profit organisation City to Sea to implement free water-refill schemes in all Asda cafes.

Climate crisis and environmental protection as a focal point of overseas aid

£193m will be spent by the UK government on battling the climate crisis.

Fintan Slye on the importance of policy in driving the decarbonisation of the electricity system

Ahead of the Climate Innovation Forum taking place during London Climate Action Week on July 3rd, we caught up with Fintan Slye, National...

Sustainability in Business: 6 Key Trends

Ahead of the Climate Innovation Forum 2019 (CIF), we at Climate Action spoke to leaders of businesses trying to adopt greater sustainable...

Government channels £26m into carbon capture projects

The UK Government has announced that 9 companies have secured £26 in funding for carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS).

Festival organisers present their efforts towards going green

Festival organisers have already started banning plastic bottles and diesel generators. Although this is positive, there is more to being...

One-sixth of global economy under net zero commitments, finds report

A report published by the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) has found that almost one-sixth of global GDP is contributed to by...

UK businesses commit to remove eight “problem plastics” by 2020

In the aftermath of WRAP’s new progress report, UK Plastics Pact signatories have committed to eliminate eight “problem plastics”...

Nike takes action and joins the UN Sustainable Fashion Charter for Climate Action

Nike has announced its support for the United Nations 2050 net zero emissions initiative.

Prada introduces new nylon bag collection made from recycled ocean plastic

Prada has recently released information about their new nylon bag collection made from recycled ocean plastic which will be launching in...