Climate Action


Sustainable development is now a growing priority for private equity companies

A new PwC survey has found that responsible investment and sustainable development are become more of a priority for private equity...

Mayor of London announces £24 million grant to make black cabs ‘greener’

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has announced plans for a £24 million grant to make black cabs greener.

MPs call for an end to fast fashion with 1p tax

A new report has found that implementing a 1p tax on clothing items could reduce the fast fashion movement across the UK.

UK Government announces new plans to transform waste system

The UK Government has launched a number of consultations to target the growing plastic pollution problem.

Renewable energy will be main source of global energy by 2040, finds BP

The new 2019 Energy Outlook report by BP has found that the demand for renewable energy is growing.


Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2019

The highly successful Sustainable Investment Forum Europe, hosted by Climate Action in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative returns to Paris in March 2019.

While the European market is leading the global climate finance market, with advanced SRI and ESG strategies, green bond...

Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019

The Sustainable Investment Forum North America, held in partnership with UNEP Finance Initiative, is the premier meeting space for sustainable finance professionals during Climate Week NYC.

Back for its 4th edition in September 2019, the forum will welcome over 300 attendees...

EU livestock budget putting pressure on environment

A new report by Greenpeace has outlined the effects of the livestock industry in Europe.

Drax begins capturing carbon in ‘world first’ pilot

Drax has begun capturing carbon emissions from one of the four biomass units at its power station in Yorkshire.

Met Office forecast finds world heading for warmest decade

The Met Office has warned that the world is heading for its warmest decade since records began.

Climate-resilient trees to protect orangutans in Indonesia

A new study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has identified tree species that are resilient to climate change...

UK CO2 emissions down 37% since 1990

A final report of the UK’s carbon emissions from 1990-2017 has found that CO2 levels have fallen again.

UK named worst in Europe for ‘illegal’ electronic waste exports

A new report has found that Britain is the worst offender in Europe for illegally exporting toxic electronic waste.

Plastic pollution affecting wildlife at an all-time high, finds RSPCA

A new study, facilitated by the RSPCA, has found that plastic pollution is having a detrimental effect on wildlife.

BP pledges to align its business with global climate goals

BP has announced its pledge to disclose how its strategy will align with the Paris climate goals.

UK fashion retailers failing to commit to reduce environmental impact

A new report by the Environmental Audit Committee has found that six UK fashion retailers are significantly failing to reduce their...

Microplastics found in all dead dolphins, seals and whales tested in British waters

A new study by the University of Exeter has found microplastics in all marine animals washed up on British shores.

Global investors call on fast food companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Global investors have called on six fast food giants to act urgently on the climate and water risks in their supply chain.

Germany to phase out coal by 2038

The Federal Government in Germany has announced plans to phase out coal by 2038.

Waitrose and Partners launch £1 million initiative for plastic pollution

Waitrose and Partners have launched a £1 million fund which will be used to target plastic pollution.

Arctic region experiencing its warmest century in over 115,000 years

Climate change is revealing Arctic landscapes that haven't been seen in over 40,000 years.