Climate Action


Boots switches to brown paper bags to cut plastic pollution

Boots has announced a switch to brown paper bags in a bid to cut plastic pollution.

Burberry commits to reducing emissions with new Science-Based Target

Burberry has revealed their new Science Based Target to expand their ambition for a more sustainable future.

New figures show G20 nations need to end support for coal

A new report has found that G20 nations are not on track to phase out the use of environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

John Lewis launches a new BeautyCycle recycling programme

John Lewis & Partners have launched their new month-long recycling trial, BeautyCycle.

Zero carbon electricity overtakes fossil fuels for first time in the UK

Britain is set to achieve a historic milestone this year, with more electricity generated from zero carbon sources than fossil...

HP commits to 100% renewable energy goal for global operations

HP has pledged to deliver 100 per cent renewable energy by 2035.

Norway wealth fund gets green light for fossil fuel divestment

The world’s largest sovereign fund has been given permission to ditch investments in fossil fuels.

BP warns world is on ‘unsustainable path’

A new report by BP has found that the global emissions are on the rise.

Urban consumption accounts for 10% of global emissions

Research, released by C40 Cities, finds that consumption-based emissions from almost 100 of the world’s biggest cities represent 10% of...

Theresa May declares UK to be net zero by 2050

Today marks a momentous decision from Theresa May to end the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050.

Scottish Power to invest in 50MW battery for UK’s largest onshore wind farm

Scottish Power has announced plans to build vast battery to improve the UK’s wind and solar energy.

Michael Bloomberg launches $500m campaign to end US coal production

Michael Bloomberg has pledged $500 million under a new campaign ‘Beyond Carbon’ towards ending US coal production.

Canary Wharf is now the world’s first plastic free commercial centre

Canary Wharf, the Estate at the heart of London’s capital, has become the first commercial centre in the world to be awarded a...

People eat up to 200,000 plastic particles a year, study finds

A new study has found that humans are ingesting up to 200,000 pieces of microplastic every year.

Air pollution kills 7 million people a year, says UN on World Environment Day 2019

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, has declared air pollution a critical culprit of lowering life expectancy and...

Electric cars will save four EU countries over 4 billion a year

The switch to zero carbon transport will save France, Italy, Spain and the UK, between 500 million and 1.3 billion each year.

Canada launches Climate Action Incentive Fund

The Canadian Government has launched a Climate Action Incentive Fund.

Waitrose introduces ‘refill’ scheme to fight plastic pollution

Waitrose has announced the start of their new plastic free trial.

Renewable energy is the “cheapest source of electricity”, says IRENA

The International Renewable Energy Agency released a report on May 29th reaffirming renewable power as the “cheapest source of...

UK goes entire fortnight without using coal power

National Grid ESO has confirmed that for the first time ever the UK has gone coal-free for an entire fortnight.