Climate Action


UK Universities announce £50m green energy deal

Twenty Universities in the UK have struck a deal to buy renewable energy directly from British wind farms.

Carlsberg unveils ‘world first’ sustainable beer bottle

Carlsberg has released their latest prototype, a new Green Fibre Bottle, which is made from sustainably-sourced wood fibres and is fully...

British Airways to offset emissions on flights within the UK from 2020

British Airways has announced that they will offset emissions on flights within the UK from January next year.

Samsung team up with Bulb for world’s first home energy control service

Samsung has partnered with Bulb to provide the world’s first home energy control service.

UK’s wildlife has significantly declined since 1970

A new report has found that UK mammals are under serious threat of extinction.

Government reveals plans for emission-reduced homes to reach climate targets

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has launched a consultation this week on its plans for a Future Homes Standard...

‘You have stolen my education’ Greta Thunberg’s powerful speech at the UN Climate Summit

On the 23 September 2019, Greta Thunberg addressed the UN Climate Summit with a powerful and emotional message.

Coca-Cola launches new recycling campaign

Coca-Cola Great Britain has announced a new circular recycling campaign.

Amazon commits to being carbon neutral by 2040

Amazon has announced they will be net zero by 2040, to align with goals set at the Paris Agreement.

Dmitri S. Sedov on how the ESG investment space is evolving

Ahead of the Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019, taking place in New York on the 25 September 2019 during NYC Climate Week,...

Burger King removes plastic toys from kids’ meals

Burger King has announced that they will no longer include plastic toys included with childrens' meals in the UK.

Starbucks’ 5p cups fund recycling across UK with environmental charity Hubbub

The collaboration between Hubbub and Starbucks has created the UK’s largest grant fund for cup recycling.

Gucci commits to a sustainable future with new carbon neutral status

Gucci has announced that it is now carbon neutral.

Sainsbury’s to cut plastic packaging in half by 2025

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to cut plastic production in half by 2025.

Rising temperatures resulting in diesel cars emitting more air pollution

A new report has found that as temperatures rise it could threaten air quality.

Australian authorities blind to habitat destruction

A recent study led by the University of Queensland reveals massive amounts of unchecked habitat clearance continues in Australia despite...

India bans single-use plastics on Gandhi’s birthday

India will implement a nationwide ban on 6 single-use plastic items on the 2nd October this year - the 150th birthday of Mahatma...

Seagrass conservation will help tackle climate change

Over one million seagrass seeds will be planted off of the Welsh coast to help prevent global climate change in a project by the...

English concern for the environment is higher than ever

A record 90% of people in England are concerned about damage to the natural environment, according to a new survey.

Things you can do for Global Day of Action for the Rainforest

The fifth of September marks the Global Day of Action for the Rainforest.