Climate Action

Covid-19, One Year On: Could We Have Predicted Lockdown Lengths?

To hinder the advance of Covid-19 as it spread around the world in early 2020, governments enacted lockdowns that shuttered businesses, limited social activity and stalled the global economy. The long-term impact of the virus was yet to be fully realized, but companies forced to shut down temporarily faced an immediate and pressing question: how long will the lockdowns last?

08 April 2021

Climate Stress Tests to Be Mainstream for Banks, Insurers

Banks and insurers around the world are likely to face climate-related stress tests in the next two to three years as supervisors become increasingly aware of the urgency in gauging the risks from climate change, Fitch Ratings says in a new report.

08 April 2021

Letter from the CEO of BuildingMinds

The world is undergoing profound changes on several levels: social, environmental, economic and technological. And the real estate sector must find appropriate leadership responses to these disruptive shifts.

08 April 2021

Climate Impact Investing Is Coming On Fast

There is no denying the impact of climate change — and associated regulatory realities — on the business of investment management. For portfolio managers, it is essential to understand how to successfully adapt and prepare for what some call the “mother of all correlated risks”

06 April 2021