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Enel: Net Zero Grid Day

The NET ZERO GRID DAY, an open discussion on how to leverage stakeholder collaboration on the pathway to sustainable power distribution infrastructures and clean electrification, took place on the 16 May 2022.

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Enel: Net Zero Grid Day

About this event

The NET ZERO GRID DAY event, an open discussion on how to leverage stakeholder collaboration on the pathway to sustainable power distribution infrastructures and clean electrification, took place in Rome, on the 16 May 2022.

The event follows the launch of Grid Futurability within the framework of Milan’s pre-COP 26 activities, where the Group presented its customer centric and innovative transformation of its own power grids into participatory, resilient and sustainable platforms, as part of its 70 billion euros investment plan 2021-2030 in power networks. (Learn more about the Grid Futurability vision here).

Enel, along with many stakeholders of the power distribution ecosystem, gathered together to discuss its Net Zero strategy for electricity, focusing on zeroing the inherent emissions of the infrastructure itself.

The company also revealed details on how it intends to collaborate with the wider power industry to promote sharing and advancement of standards for grid components that meet efficiency, safety, quality, and sustainability criteria. 

Towards this aim, the event saw the launch of the Open Power Grids Association, bringing together network operators, manufacturers, research institutes and other stakeholders to share and develop standards and technologies for critical grid components that comply with the net zero requirements. 

Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel’s Global Infrastructure and Networks, said: 

“Our Net Zero ambition for grids aims to speed up the adoption of the principles set out by the Paris Agreement across the industry in order to support the energy transition and a meaningful transformation of power distribution infrastructures. This represents the first move by a global power grid player to address the upstream and downstream emissions of the infrastructure in an open way, which is necessary if we are to reach net zero goal throughout the industry."

Stakeholders attending the event included, among others, leading equipment manufacturers, testing and certification firms, engineering consultancies, research and design institutes as well as utilities. They shared strategies and actions already in place to support the delivery of sustainable grids as a critical part in the transition to a low carbon world and called for increased collaboration.

The transformation of our energy systems is needed now. Watch the event on demand now to achieve faster our electric future!

Climate Action and Enel Partnership

In the buildup to the COP27 in Egypt, Enel and Climate Action have partnered to focus on the challenges that electricity distribution infrastructures are facing to allow the decarbonization and electrification goals that compose the Net-Zero roadmaps. 

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