Climate Action

Carbon Wealth is the inventor of SkyMining®, the process of literally mining pure carbon straight out of the atmosphere, and turning that carbon into a clean and renewable fuel that can replace fossil fuels and charcoal all over the world.

The unique aspect of SkyMining® is that the resulting CO2-based fuel is cheaper than most fossil fuels and charcoal, yet highly profitable. This profitability is the much needed paradigm shift in dealing with climate change.

SkyMining® is a holistic process that combines biology and technology; using the hyper-efficient CO2 pumps in fast-growing grass to extract carbon straight from the atmosphere, a large part of which is permanently stored in the ground. Our technology is then used to convert the carbon inside the grass itself into a Carbon Negative Fuel (CNF) that is clean and renewable  — and that replaces both fossil fuels and charcoal to stop existing emissions and slow deforestation.

The technology has successfully tested on an industrial scale, is massively scalable, and ready for global deployment — giving the world ‘something else to burn’ that will not add CO2 to the atmosphere.

There is enough excess carbon in the sky to power the planet and replace all fossil fuels.

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