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Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX)

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) operates spot exchanges in multiple global environmental commodity markets, including Carbon, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Water. CTX is currently operating in Australia, the EU and the US, with the ability to expand into other jurisdictions and markets.

The commercialised technology platforms that we operate allow us to cover the various products that exist within multiple markets and provide an exchange by which sellers and buyers are matched in a secure and efficient manner. The exchange provides a trusted global marketplace which removes risk in the delivery-vs-payment process, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to invest in sustainable, clean-tech, and energy-efficient projects around the world in support of a more efficient and low-carbon economy.

The CTX exchange platform uniquely interfaces with multiple environmental commodity registries, including APX, Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry, VCS, Gold Standard and the Australian REC Registry. It also electronically links to financial intermediaries, such as Westpac in Australia, to provide efficient trading and create liquid and transparent markets.

Press Releases

Qantas Wallabies will offset their entire carbon footprint with Carbon Trade Exchange

The Australian Rugby Union team's footprint will be offset through the Qantas Fly Carbon Neutral Program, in partnership with Carbon Trade Exchange

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX)

Contact: Wayne Sharpe - Chairman

Level 6
50 King Street
New South Wales
NSW 2000

 +61 2 8090 3434

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