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World’s first sustainable fashion museum opens in Amsterdam

Fashion for Good has opened a new interactive sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam.

  • 09 October 2018
  • Rachel Cooper

Fashion for Good has opened a new interactive sustainable fashion museum in Amsterdam.

The space aims to show visitors how clothes are made and help them to discover innovations behind sustainable fashion.

When visiting the museum you receive a free ‘Good Fashion Action Plan’, a digital guide that gives you tips on how to be more sustainable.

The museum showcase brands that are the latest innovators in sustainable fashion. Every three months, there will be new carefully-curated collections built around a thought-provoking theme.

From October to December the theme is ‘Splash’ to encourage visitors to think about the relationship between fashion and water. Each year, the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic metres of water to produce the clothes we wear.

The current collection features products from Adidas x Parley, Kings of Indigo, ECOALF, Insane in the Rain, Karün and Ms. Bay.

The museum has focused on ensuring its design meets the sustainable fashion held within it. The furniture is a mix of second hand products and rental items to showcase the different procurement models that contribute to a circular economy.

They also try and use natural sunlight wherever possible to save on energy consumption.

Stella McCartney has recently partnered with Fashion for Good and a physical creation of this collaboration will be on show in the museum.

Stella said: “We are constantly exploring innovative ways to become more sustainable, joining Fashion for Good helps us on this journey. Together we can spark and scale the next generation of circular technologies and help change the fashion industry!”

Photograph: Fashion for Good