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Volvo introduces all new electric trucks in North America

Volvo have introduced all new electric trucks set to be launched in North America from 2020.

  • 02 October 2018
  • Rachel Cooper

Volvo have introduced all new electric trucks set to be launched in North America from 2020.

They have introduced Volvo LIGHTS as part of California Climate Investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve public health and the environment.

The initiative will be a collaboration between the Volvo Group, California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, and industry leaders in transportation and electrical charging infrastructure.

Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks, said: “This is yet another important step towards our vision zero emissions. We are convinced that electrified truck transport will be a key driver of sustainable transports, and we’re proud to contribute to the Volvo Group’s expertise to this innovative public-private partnership.”

The Volvo Trucks will deploy eight multi-configuration battery Class 8 electric demonstration units, throughout California’s South Coast Air Basin.

The project also aims to integrate non-truck battery-electric equipment through the use of solar energy production equipment.

The implementation of the Volvo Trucks will result in 3,020 tonnes of greenhouse gases being reduced annually.

Peter Voorhoeve, President of Volvo Trucks North America, said: “This is an excellent opportunity to show the end-to-end potential of electrification. From solar energy harvesting at our customer locations, to electric vehicle uptime services, to potential second uses for batteries, this project will provide invaluable experience and data for the whole value chain.”

Volvo have previously implemented measures to ensure sustainable transport. Last year, they trialled Volvo Trucks that reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent.

Photo Credit: Volvo