Climate Action

Campaign seeks 1bn people to save the climate – ‘one small step at a time’

New campaign 'Count Us In' urges people to take the right steps towards a more 'eco-friendly' lifestyle.

  • 15 October 2020
  • Rachel Cooper

New campaign 'Count Us In' urges people to take the right steps towards a more 'eco-friendly' lifestyle.

The campaign outlines 16 steps that people can take to reduce their carbon pollution in their everyday lives while persuading others to do the same, including

The campaign's mission is to "inspire 1 billion citizens to significantly reduce their carbon pollution and challenge leaders to deliver bold, global change."

People are encouraged to choose one step and decide on the level of commitment that works for them and then continue these actions for two months.

The steps have been selected with experts from the UN Environment Programme based on 3 criteria: their impact on your personal carbon pollution, their power to influence leaders and their ability to involve everyone.

The steps include flying less, driving an electric vehicle, insulate your home, buying fewer clothes and wearing them for longer, asking politicians to act or invest in climate friendly policies, walking and cycling more, and cutting food waste.

Convened by Countdown (powered by TED and Future Stewards), Count Us In has been developed with partners, including Accenture, UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021, and Global Citizen. Other notable partners include Sky, Co-Op, C40 Cities, WWF, IKEA, and JLL.

Currently there are more than 12,000 people participating who have saved more than 700,000kgCO2e as a result of the campaign.

The organisers say not only will these steps improve local air quality, but will help people live a healthier lifestyle and cut on costs at the same time.

To learn more about the campaign, click here.