Climate Action

JLL commits to net zero by 2040

JLL has announced its aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 across all areas of its operations, including the client sites it manages, globally.

05 May 2021

Corporate climate action: through a glass, darkly

With the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow less than 200 days away, countries accounting for more than two-thirds of global GDP have now committed to net-zero emissions by the middle of the century.

06 May 2021

How to measure the temperature of sovereign assets

What does the data tell us about the temperature of sovereign assets and how investors can assess their alignment with climate targets and underlying risks resulting from exposure to countries with misalignment? Read the research by FTSE Russell and Beyond Ratings Research below.

29 April 2021

CO2 emissions from the building sector: A reckoning is (fast) approaching

After more than a decade of blaming the EU Emissions Trading System for its ineffectiveness due to carbon prices far too low to impose any effect, we recently witnessed an unprecedented rally to more than 40 € per ton. Over the next few years, many buildings are set to become huge cost burdens as “stranded assets”.

28 April 2021

Gender Lens Investing

A report from V.E, a Moody’s affiliate, explores the rising trend of Gender Lens Investing Gender inequalities are deeply-rooted within our socioeconomic systems. As well as impacting individual human rights, structural gender inequalities have negative economic impacts.

19 April 2021

Covid-19, One Year On: Could We Have Predicted Lockdown Lengths?

To hinder the advance of Covid-19 as it spread around the world in early 2020, governments enacted lockdowns that shuttered businesses, limited social activity and stalled the global economy. The long-term impact of the virus was yet to be fully realized, but companies forced to shut down temporarily faced an immediate and pressing question: how long will the lockdowns last?

08 April 2021