Climate Action

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With the Climate Action Innovation Zone and the Sustainable Innovation Forum well underway we want to make sure all of our followers can be involved

  • 04 December 2023
  • Rachel Cooper

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Quotes from the event

This week has been so far a fabulous source of knowledge and great presentations. Here are a few quotes collected from our speakers.

Alison Gilliard, Councillor, City of Dublin says bin sensors that signal when they need to be emptied have reduced waste collection emissions by 20% - Cities and Innovation at COP28: Expanding climate and innovation agendas to deliver 11 billion flourishing lives - #CAS23

'Carbon dioxide removal is never an excuse for not cutting emissions and it's not an excuse to continue burning fossil fuels' - Harris Cohn, Head of Sales, Charm Industrial 

'As long as we don't have a strict commitment to move into a sustainable society, sustainable economy, we will not see that kind of differential decline' Dr. Ekkehart Ernst, Chief of Macroeconomic Policy and Jobs Unit, ILO

We are looking into how can we get young people inspired to move into a career that is considered green' Katrina Harvey, Chief Operating Officer, Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens

'sometimes even with the best will, there are simply are not these market opportunities for people to farm differently' Dr. Lucrezia Tincani, Head of Policy, FAIRR Initiative