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98% of global companies making progress toward stated decarbonization targets

ENGIE Impact releases its 2023 Net Zero Report, finding 98% of global companies are making progress toward stated decarbonization targets.

  • 10 January 2023
  • Press Release

ENGIE Impact releases its 2023 Net Zero Report, finding 98% of global companies are making progress toward stated decarbonization targets.

Titled “Six Actions to Accelerate Decarbonization,” the third annual report delves into corporate transformation readiness, challenges to implementation, and the major decarbonization roadblocks companies must overcome to reach Net Zero. Along with a summary of progress achieved, the report provides insights and strategies to accelerate decarbonization and increase return on investments by implementing an actionable roadmap.

ENGIE Impact’s study involved more than 500 senior executives from the world’s largest companies, each employing more than 10,000 people.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of those surveyed this year said they have now made some form of public commitment or target to address carbon emissions reduction within their organization.

While this rising percentage represents progress, only 12% rate their sustainability efforts as “extremely successful,” and 75% say they have already achieved the “quick wins” in their decarbonization plan. Success will require more investment, strong leadership and sustained effort and commitment to reach decarbonization goals in time.

Mathias Lelievre, CEO ENGIE Impact, said: “Our research reveals signs of progress from corporations around the world, but the process must accelerate, and we’ve learned there are challenges along the way that many leaders don’t anticipate at the beginning of this journey. Our report identifies the most common barriers to overcome and strategic actions to clear those roadblocks and accelerate decarbonization.” 

As a result of the collective experience of the 505 organizational leaders surveyed – and the combined expertise of ENGIE Impact’s global cadre of decarbonization experts who support more than 1,000 of the world’s largest companies across multiple sectors, industries, and regions – the report summarizes six key actions companies and executives can implement in order to understand the gaps to Net Zero targets, overcome barriers to implementation and accelerate decarbonization within their organization.

The six actions include:

  • Maintain long-term focus and belief
  • Establish governance and accountability
  • Close the implementation expectation gap
  • Increase executive accountability
  • Activate the right decarbonization enablers
  • Collaborate with the supply chains to address Scope 3 emissions

To read the complete ENGIE Impact 2023 Net Zero Report, click here.