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First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. Our vertically integrated power plant offerings diversify the energy portfolio and reduce the impact of fuel-price volatility while delivering an economically attractive alternative to fossil fuel electricity generation. With the smallest carbon footprint, lowest life-cycle water use, and fastest energy payback time in the industry, First Solar thin-film modules are the leading eco-efficient PV technology- generating more energy at a lower cost and with the most environmental benefits per kWh. First Solar delivers PV solutions that address global contemporary challenges including energy security, climate change, and water scarcity.

At First Solar we define sustainability as our “capacity to endure and scale.” Our sustainability mindset enables us to achieve long-term growth and lower energy costs while following environmentally and socially responsible practices. In line with our mission to create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean and affordable solar electricity, First Solar is committed to driving down the levelized cost of solar electricity, being a good neighbor and partner in local communities, and minimizing the life cycle impact our products, projects, and operations. We continuously strive to reduce the energy and water, and greenhouse gas intensity of our manufacturing processes, implement responsible land use practices to protect biodiversity during construction, and provide global PV recycling services to ensure that solutions to clean energy today don’t pose a burden for future generations.

Every year, 8 GW of installed First Solar modules are helping avoid over 5 million metric tons of carbon emissions- the annual equivalent of removing over 1 million cars from the road, planting over 134 million trees, saving over 14 billion liters of water, or powering 4 million homes per year.


Solar Impulse Foundation launches the “World Alliance for Clean Technologies”

After the completion of the first world tour by a solar plane, the Solar Impulse Foundation have introduced a new project: The World Alliance for Clean technology

First Solar

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Solar Impulse Foundation launches the “World Alliance for Clean Technologies”

23 Nov 2016

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