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Avaya brings people together.  Whether by text, voice or video, our goal is to increase an individual’s access to information so they can make faster and smarter decisions and quickly solve critical organisational and business challenges. We work to give people the best collaboration experience, regardless of the devices, locations, or media they choose.

As enterprises and organisations are more geographically dispersed and require a 24x7 workforce, they need tools that help users to engage in meaningful collaboration across locations, so they can quickly solve problems and reduce waste and cost.  Avaya core technologies provide sustainable solutions that re-use existing IT infrastructure investments to increase access to information and technology, improve employee productivity, reduce travel and its associated emissions and trim operational expenses. 

Our solutions allow organisations to develop short- and long-term IT strategies and deploy them at their own pace.  Regardless of whether an organisation consists of 10 employees or 100,000, Avaya takes all forms of communication and gets them working together, to dramatically improve collaboration and organisational efficiencies.  For more information please visit


HP to offer Avaya’s unified communications solutions in new partnership

A new partnership between Avaya and Hewlett-Packard will see HP offer Avaya's energy efficient communications solutions as part of its HP Helion cloud services suite




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22 Jul 2014


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31 Jan 2014