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In the city of Amsterdam three public organisations Waternet, The Waste and Energy Company (AEB) and World Waternet are leading partners for green metropolitan solutions.

Climate change, growth of the world population, shortage of raw materials and  fast-growing cities lead worldwide to the necessity of changing our behaviour towards water, energy and waste materials: use less and recycle more on a high level quality. A circular approach contributes to a green economy and asks for integrated solutions. The level of metropolis appears to be the right scale for this, offering profits for the environment, liveability and the economy.

The Amsterdam metropolis is a good example of a city with an integrated approach of water, energy and waste management. The cooperation between Waternet as water cycle company and the Waste and Energy company of the city of Amsterdam is unique in the world.

Working together and putting together the abilities of both companies result in significant cost-reduction, increased production of energy, heat and raw materials and contribute to the ambition of Amsterdam to develop further as a sustainable green metropolis.

Inspired by this specific example of green solutions in Amsterdam, we also see good opportunities for other metropolises in the world for green integrated solutions. World Waternet shares the knowledge of Waternet internationally.

AEBgenerates energy from municipal solid waste by incineration, producing electricity and heat for district heating and making good use of residues and this all in combination with waste water treatment.The processes of solid waste incineration and waste water treatment are connected to each other resulting in a green process of waste (solid and wet) to energy.

Waternetis the water public water cycle utility of the City of Amsterdam and the regional public water authority Amstel, Gooi and Vecht (AGV).  Waternet is the only public water cycle company in the Netherlands that covers the entire water cycle. Waternet  is responsible for the drinking water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment, water quality and quantity management of ground and surface water as well as for water safety.

World Waternetsharesknowledgeof Waternet regarding drinking water, waste water and water management, solid waste and waste to energy in developing countries and developed countries as well. It aims at improving the performance and at strengthening the organisation of (principally) public utilities and local governments.

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Municipal waste to energy solutions

02 Apr 2013