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New sustainable tech line launches

The new sustainable tech accessory company, Nimble, has launched this week.

  • 31 August 2018
  • Rachel Cooper

The new sustainable tech accessory company, Nimble, has launched this week.

The online company sell a range of wireless and portable charges starting at around $50, with more stock due to be added imminently.

The products are made from low-impact materials including fully recycled aluminium and plant-based plastics which, unlike regular tech products, have no chemical adhesives. Their fabric blends are made from 100 per cent organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles.

Their packaging is plastic-free, made out of 100 per cent recycled paper and to minimise energy usage they use a clean moulded pulp manufacturing process.

Ross Howe, Co-founder of Nimble, said: “Every day we all use technology to make our lives better, it’s in our hands, it’s on our wrists, it’s all around us but we don’t really think about the impact that has on the world. Nimble’s mission is really to demonstrate a better way forward for the tech industry.”

To ensure their products are ‘one of a kind’ they use the natural mineral crystal, mica, which creates a design where no pattern is the same.

Jon, Co-founder of Nimble, said: “We want to make sure that when our products do reach the end of their life they have a way to be recycled, re-used, repurposed versus just having it end up in a landfill.”

With every purchase you receive a pre-paid return envelope so that you can send old electronics to Nimble’s e-waste recycling partner to ensure that the product is safely recycled at no extra cost.

Kevin, Co-founder of Nimble, added: “Nimble has committed to being e-waste neutral by 2022.”

If you want to find out more about Nimble’s products click here.