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Transport Transition Summit

11 & 13 MAY

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About this Summit

Aviation was hit extremely hard by the pandemic, by mid-April 65% of the global fleet had been placed into storage. Public transport was also badly affected but heavy goods trucks on the other hand are above precrisis levels and the use of personal cars got back to pre-pandemic levels in Europe before the second wave.
How can we use lessons from the pandemic to support future sustainable mobility and transport? And how can policy, investment and innovation be combined to build and deploy the necessary infrastructure required to support the mass adoption of clean transport?

Core topics to be addressed:

  • Is this the end for the internal combustion engine?
  • The role of electric vehicles and alternative fuels such as hydrogen.
  • What is the future of long-distance transport?
  • Infrastructure or technology – what comes first?
  • Emerging technology and their impact on urban mobility and sustainability.
  • The role of public transport, private ownership and new transport modes in our future mobility systems.


Institutional Partners

About Transition Summits

The Transition Summits are a collection of high-level, 2-day virtual gatherings with each focussing on a specific sector transition: Hydrogen, Industry, Transport and Energy.

The Summits bring together key stakeholders driving sustainable and net-zero transition from policy and regulation to innovation, technology and investment. This is the ideal platform for investors, project developers, policy makers and innovators to share insights and expertise on key transition trends and opportunities.

These are highly sophisticated, 4-session events hosted on a professional virtual platform designed for our audience to network, connect and explore new opportunities within these specific sector transitions.

Join us for the Transport Transition Summit