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Cities Transition Summit

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About this event

Our cities are facing many challenges, from mass urbanisation to resource scarcity, progressively volatile climates to dangerous pollution levels.

Buildings now contribute to 36% of our global energy usage and nearly 40% of global final emissions. As we reshape post-pandemic life, worldwide cities must look at the way we manufacture, design, and build and must support the right technologies and planning systems.

From retrofits to urban mobility planning to multi-modal transportation and innovate solutions like the 15-minute city, cities need to re-address the way they plan, build and invest in order to support a growing population in a sustainable way.

Example Topics:

  • Green renovation and urbanisation
  • Role of the Circular economy
  • Design & Efficiency
  • Rethinking building design to optimise energy efficiency
  • Reducing energy demand in commercial and domestic buildings
  • Domestic heating – what is the role of hydrogen
  • What role will AI, machine learning and big data play in making cities and the built environment more sustainable, efficient and resilient?
  • Rebuilding green: Prioritising greening existing infrastructure vs investment into new clean technology and infrastructure
  • Logistics as an essential service: The importance of logistics networks to cities and how this can hinder a sustainability agenda


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About Transition Summits

The Transition Summits are a collection of high-level, 2-day virtual gatherings with each focussing on a specific sector transition: Hydrogen, Industry, Transport, Energy and Cities.

The Summits bring together key stakeholders driving sustainable and net-zero transition from policy and regulation to innovation, technology and investment. This is the ideal platform for investors, project developers, policy makers and innovators to share insights and expertise on key transition trends and opportunities.

These are highly sophisticated, 4-session events hosted on a professional virtual platform designed for our audience to network, connect and explore new opportunities within these specific sector transitions.

Join us for the Cities Transition Summit