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Reimagine Series: Nature-Based Solutions

Investing in our planets natural capital

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About this event

Nature-based solutions are actions that protect, sustainably manage and restore natural or modified ecosystems to address societal challenges. They can provide a wide range of environmental, social and economic benefits and are indispensable for both climate change mitigation and adaptation.

But for years challenges in nature, biodiversity and climate have been tackled separately. Now, many believe solutions to growing social, environment and climate threats lie within the very nature of nature. 

As Governments are beginning to understand that protecting nature is no longer optional — safeguarding our land and oceans does more than protect at-threat biodiversity, it is also critical to rebuilding economies in a sustainable, healthy way. The true value of our natural world and ecosystems is only just starting to be understood.

Core discussion points:

  • Natural Capital Accounting – Understanding the true value of nature
  • Delivering value for people, economies and nature through smarter policy and interventions
  • Data-driven solutions to help accelerate the role of nature-based approaches to climate change

Reimagine Series - Nature Week 

Reducing global emission is essential to mitigate the threats of climate change but not sufficient to tackle the entire challenge. Protecting and restoring our plant is the other half of the solution. Nature is the life support system for people, the planet and for profit.

Nature-Based Solutions are increasingly recognised as a critical component of climate mitigation and adaptation. For the private sector, national and local governments, Intergovernmental organisations and environmentalists alike, a growing recognition of our natural capital is resulting in exponential benefits for communities, businesses and climate change.

To mark World Environment Day 2021 and to launch the Roadmap to COP26 Reimagine Series, we bring you Nature Week: Investing in life's support system.

About the Reimagine Series

When it comes to tackling climate change there are certain challenges that will require us to think differently and take a drastically new approach.

The Reimagine Series is a collection of digital events exploring some of the greatest climate, sustainability, nature and biodiversity challenges we face and the solutions that exist to meeting them.

Aligned to key dates in the climate and environment calendar, these short, sharp, high impact 1-day events exploring the ways we can rethink our approach to meet these challenges

Join us for the Reimagine Series: Nature-Based Solutions