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Reimagine Series: Climate Finance

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About this event

To reach the 1.5-degree scenario, there needs to be a major shift in capital flows towards low-carbon, climate-resilient options. The right frameworks, tools and analysis are vital to countries enabling this shift today, leading us into the next decade.

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for governments to rebuild their economies in a green way. The decisions they make now must put us on track for net-zero and in line with 2030 targets.

Example Topics:

  • How to shift private sector capital towards sustainable investment in the global south
  • Carbon pricing: Is a global carbon market realistic? If so, how?
  • How can decisions in recovery ensure we achieve 2030 targets?
  • How to encourage private and public sector collaboration?
  • Role of new technologies in ESG – IoT, AI, Machine Learning Big Data

About the Reimagine Series

A series of digital events exploring some of the greatest climate, sustainability, nature and biodiversity challenges we face. Aligned to key days in the climate and environmental calendar, these short, sharp, high-impact events explore why we need to reimagine a new future and how we can rethink our approach to meet these challenges.

  • Biodiversity & Nature-Based Solutions Cities & the Built Environment
  • Cities & the Built Environment
  • Land Use, Agriculture & Food
  • Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Oceans & the Blue Economy
  • Youth Agenda & Green Jobs

Join us for the Reimagine Series: Climate Finance