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From Risk to Opportunity: Climate Transitions and Tropical Commodities

A high-level event on policy, risk and finance to support the climate transition and protect nature.

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Together with ministers and senior officials from the UK and German governments, Orbitas lead a high-level panel alongside private sector leaders to discuss the risks and opportunities climate transitions present to the tropical commodities sector.

Orbitas is a ground-breaking initiative established to quantify the risks caused by responses to climate change in the tropical agriculture sector.



  • Keynote address: Global Resources Initiative – key recommendations and actions for COP26
  • Launch of Orbitas Global Report: Key findings and implications for producers, investors and policymakers
  • Response by the Financial Sector: How can capital providers address transition risks and ensure their capital allocation is aligned with deforestation-free agriculture?
  • Roundtable discussion: The role of public and private finance in supporting deforestation-free commodity supply chains
    • Key questions:
      • How can Governments support transparency for the financial sector, and ensure that finance is mobilised to deliver a transition to more sustainable land use in producer countries while supporting livelihoods?
      • How can producer and consumer governments work together to support sustainable commodity supply chains?
      • How can the financial sector respond use Orbitas’ analysis and tools to address transition risks, and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the transition to sustainable land use models?
      • How can supply chain businesses, producers and smallholders can best use finance to deliver a transition to more sustainable land use?
  • Closing remarks: Next steps and requirements for turning the vision of deforestation-free soft commodities into reality

Watch on demand Orbitas in partnership with Climate Action as we launch their analysis of the impacts of climate responses on the tropical soft commodity sector. Orbitas research shows how macroeconomic transitions flow down to individual companies. They find that companies face three major risks - stranded assets, growth constraints, and GHG emissions costs. However, if firms get ahead of climate transitions and act sustainably then there are substantial financial opportunities. The reports also highlights recommendations for producers, capital providers and governments on how they can support the transition to sustainable and profitable deforestation-free commodity production. Using a cutting-edge methodology for translating climate transitions into financial risk metrics, Orbitas has already found that material transition risks exist and that the financial sector is largely unaware of them.


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Mark Kenber
Managing Director of Orbitas,
Lord Martin Callanan
UK Minister for Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility,
Karsten Sach
Director General, German Federal Ministry for Environmental, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety,
Dato’ Abdul Rahman Ahmad
Group CEO, CIMB, Malaysia,
Per Fredrik IIsaas Pharo
International Climate and Forest Initiative, Norway,
Emine Isciel
Head of Climate and Environment, Storebrand,
Graham Stock
Partner, Blue Bay Investments,
Cristina Hastings Newsome
Global Sustaianbility Lead, Louis Dreyfus and Co.,
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    Orbitas is a center of excellence that examines climate transition risks for capital providers financing tropical commodities.

    Orbitas believes all capital providers need to understand how climate transitions will affect the future of tropical commodities and adjust their financing strategies to this new reality.

    Climate transitions – the efforts undertaken to tackle climate change (directly or indirectly) through policies, commitments and changing consumer preferences – will disrupt the status quo for tropical commodity production.

    Capital providers need to see how these shifts will affect their portfolios, but the complexity of tropical commodities makes this difficult. A combination of cutting-edge economic modelling and traditional financial analysis means that Orbitas can shed light on the risks and opportunities for tropical commodity capital providers.

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