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Over 100 global cities now powered by at least 70% renewables

New data has shown that 102 cities around the world are now sourcing at least 70 percent of their electricity from renewables.

  • 27 February 2018
  • Adam Wentworth

Global cities are powering ahead with the renewable energy transition it was revealed today.

New data has shown that 102 cities around the world are now sourcing at least 70 percent of their electricity from renewables. Encouragingly, this is more than twice the figure from just a few years ago.

The cities have large populations, such as Seattle, Vancouver, Oslo, Auckland and Nairobi.

The analysis, provided by the non-profit group CDP, also shows that 43 cities have now reached the astounding feat of running on 100 percent renewable energy.

This includes Reykjavík in Iceland and the city of Basel in Switzerland, both of which benefit from high levels of hydropower or geothermal.

Burlington in the US state of Vermont also gets all its electricity from wind, solar, biomass and hydropower.

Kyra Appleby, Director of Cities at CDP said that the news was important given that cities are responsible for over two-thirds of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions

“There is immense potential for them to lead on building a sustainable economy”, she said,

“Reassuringly, our data shows much commitment and ambition. Cities not only want to shift to renewable energy but, most importantly - they can. We urge all cities to disclose to us, work together to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and prioritize the development of ambitious renewable energy procurement strategies. The time to act is now.”

Burlington’s Mayor, Miro Weinberger, said “We have seen first-hand that renewable energy boosts our local economy and creates a healthier place to work, live, and raise a family. We encourage other cities around the globe to follow our innovative path as we all work toward a more sustainable energy future”.

The data was released ahead of an international conference on the role of cities in tackling climate change. It shows that 275 cities are reporting using hydropower, 189 are harnessing wind and 184 are benefiting from solar photovoltaics. An additional 164 use biomass and 65 geothermal.

The full list of renewable energy cities can be found here.