Green Coin the environmental crypto asset with backup value in nature-based solutions

(Panama City-ANPanama) Today, Green Coin, is presented as the simplest and most transparent decentralized financial and investment instrument on the market. It is an environmental crypto asset that is focused so in the responsible citizens that want to measure, mitigate or reduce their carbon footprint and bringing value to things that have no value right now.

21 October 2022

Report finds 70% of population of a third of cities encountered hazardous climatic events in 2022

Recent CDP data presents frightful statistics of the state of our climate. 80% of cities are facing extreme conditions such as exorbitant heat to damaging floods in 2022. However, on a positive note, their press release stated that 63% of cities are participating in citizen-focused climate action which has resulted in better health, increased job opportunity, biodiversity and social inclusion.

14 October 2022