Does the need for energy security challenge the quest for net zero?

The need for renewable energy has never been stronger. Unprecedented volatility in the natural gas market and geopolitical shocks have sent world leaders rushing to diversify their nation’s energy mix and reduce their reliance on gas. With net-zero deadlines also inching closer, governments are keen to fill this supply gap with renewable energy. For that to happen, however, the renewables sector needs emerging technologies and markets to take a major leap forward.

07 September 2022

Carbon Markets Recap & Outlook: Everything You Need to Know Now

What a time to be in the carbon markets. As we pass mid-year, the KraneShares Global Carbon Strategy ETF (Ticker: KRBN) celebrates its 2nd anniversary of opening the global carbon markets to investors. In the same week, the US Senate has just worked out an epic $369bn climate and energy deal. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 marks a continued acceleration towards decarbonization and tightening efforts around emissions. At this pivotal moment for carbon markets, I see a material opportunity ahead and some misunderstandings too.

07 September 2022

UK Government unveils Zero Innovation Handbook

Launched in Sydney by the UK’s International Trade Secretary, the UK Government, in partnership with PwC and Tech Nation, is publishing its Net Zero Innovation Handbook.

01 September 2022

Mobilising capital flows for sustainable development

The climate change debate carries particular resonance for emerging and developing economies. And equity and bond benchmarks can be an important tool in helping them mobilise capital flows for a more sustainable future.

15 August 2022