Enel: Open Meter Reality

Open Meter is one of the innovative solutions promoted by the report produced by the WEF

09 September 2021

Meet the industry alliance pushing for 100% EV sales by 2030

Policies throughout Europe helped put more than half a million EVs on the road. To mirror this success in America, more than 50 EV organizations have joined forces to push for a more rapid shift toward electric transportation, setting an ambitious goal of achieving all-electric U.S. new car sales by 2030.

08 September 2021

Bridging the gulf in new tech knowledge will boost EV adoption

The more drivers know about EVs, the more likely they are to switch. Yet only 38 percent of potential EV drivers are familiar with, for example, the difference between regular and fast charging. Learn what we need to do to close this gap.

02 September 2021

American Perceptions on Electric Mobility and Climate Change

52 percent of U.S. residents agree that electric vehicles are instrumental in combating climate change. By making the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), not only do we stand to dramatically reduce emissions, we also give individual people greater agency in the fight against climate change.

25 August 2021

Impax Asset Management: Engagement Report 2021

Impax buys the securities of companies that we believe are well-positioned to add value over the long term, as we make the needed transition to a more sustainable economy. We expect the companies in which we invest to adapt intelligently to changing conditions, but no company is perfect. We engage with the companies whose securities we hold to help them avoid the risks and embrace the opportunities associated with the transition to a more sustainable future.

23 August 2021