Ibstock announces plans to achieve world’s first Net Zero brick factory

Ibstock plc has confirmed its intention to make a major investment in one of its brick factories in the West Midlands. The factory will be a pathfinder project to test and pilot operational efficiencies which, the company believes, will lead to Atlas becoming the world’s only Scope 1 & 21 Net Zero brick factory.

27 April 2021

ESG scores and beyond

With the attention of investors being increasingly focused on sustainability issues, awareness of Environmental, Social and Governance ratings characteristics is essential, as it enables a better overview of their meaning.

21 April 2021

Gender Lens Investing

A report from V.E, a Moody’s affiliate, explores the rising trend of Gender Lens Investing Gender inequalities are deeply-rooted within our socioeconomic systems. As well as impacting individual human rights, structural gender inequalities have negative economic impacts.

19 April 2021