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The Great Food Challenge Part 3

Agribusiness & the SDGs: How do we rethink financial mechanisms to align agribusiness to the SDGs?

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About this event

Part 3 | Agribusiness & the SDGs: How do we rethink financial mechanisms to align agribusiness to the SDGs?


Thursday, 3 December 2020
15.00-16.15 CEST


Agriculture is facing multiple challenges – meeting global food security; a growing population with changing diets; a leveling off of crop yields; dwindling natural resources and biodiversity – all whilst managing the increasing threats of climate change. Meeting all these challenges will require a significant increase in the access and availability of capital for climate-smart investment across agri-value chains. 

Accessible and robust public and private sector investments are critical to support our global food systems in their transition to a low-carbon, equitable, and resilient future. The final installment of the digital agri event series “The Great Food Challenge”, presents this Virtual Discussion to examine how innovative financing mechanisms can be used to achieve the joint objectives of development, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change to align global agribusiness with the UN SDGs.


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Core Discussion Points:

  • How does finance and investment support agriculture and the SDGs?
  • How do we change the risk profile of the agriculture industry to access the required capital to drive a sustainable agribusiness future?
  • How can developing countries maintain sustainable agriculture practices in spite of global foreign aid withdrawals?
  • How do agribusinesses assess their performance against sustainability and/or the SDGs when there are no clear metrics, when there is poor data, or the data is repetitive?


About the Event Series:

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and Climate Action host a three-part digital event series addressing global food, agriculture, and land use challenges in the face of our climate and health emergencies.

The series has been designed in response to the growing demand for new models of multi-stakeholder collaboration to achieve food security, sustainable development and other global goals outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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