Climate Action

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2022

An inclusive, collaborative platform enabling climate action at COP27.

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About this event

We are in a decisive decade to deliver on the climate emergency. But to create truly innovative, transformational change requires world governments, multilaterals, the business, investment and NGO communities to work together, accelerating the net-zero economy across the decade.

Over the last 12 years, Climate Action has been uniting the public, private and NGO sectors alongside the UN climate change summits by convening the largest multi-stakeholder forum at COP: The Sustainable Innovation Forum. Each year, the Forum plays a key role in facilitating the connections that forge the cross-sector partnerships required to address the global climate emergency and transition to a net-zero economy.

COP27 Hybrid Event Format​ - Convene, Connect and Collaborate: Digitally & In-Person

A global community of climate enablers brought together to learn & develop partnerships

  • Live audience of 1,500+
  • Amplify reach to a global digital audience of 100,000
  • Engage senior time-poor stakeholders who would otherwise not attend
  • Digital networking and high-level face-to-face networking
  • Content available on-demand post-event.

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