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Day 1: Climate Policy & Finance

As the world looks to rebuild, can the decision we make today keep us on track for net-zero?

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About this event

Part 1 | Climate Finance & Policy: As the world looks to rebuild, can the decision we make today keep us on track for net-zero


Monday, 16th November
2pm – 5:30pm CET


The decisions we take today and the investments we make will shape the future we rebuild. As governments and businesses grapple with the pandemic, we must choose to support a more resilient, sustainable and equitable future.

A combination of political will, international cooperation and accelerated public and private investment in low-carbon industries, technologies and developing economies is required to keep us aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Day One of the Sustainable Innovation Virtual Forum will focus on State and non-State responses to two emergencies – COVID-19 and Climate Change – in a year in which governments must submit their updated climate plans (NDCs) and businesses plan for the new-normal.


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Core Discussion Points:

  • Raising public and private sector ambition: who is leading the way?
  • Aligning global economic recovery with the Paris Agreement and updated NDCs
  • Can responses to COVID-19 keep us on track to achieve long-term climate goals?
  • What impact will dwindling resources have on countries' efforts to tackle the climate emergency?
  • Decision making and climate change in the face of a global pandemic: avoiding future lock-ins
  • How do we prepare for COP26 and overcome past failures e.g. Article 6


Featured Speakers:

  • Ban Ki-Moon, Former UN Secretary General
  • Diederik Samsom, Head of Cabinet to EVP First-Vice President Frans Timmermans, European Commission 
  • Cassie Flynn, Strategic Advisor, Climate Change, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Urban Angehrn, Group Chief Investment Officer, Zurich Insurance & founding member, Net-Zero Asset Owners Alliance

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About The Event Series:

Over the past decade the Sustainable Innovation Forum has been used as a platform by the United Nations, Heads of State, Government Ministers, Climate Experts and Chief Executives, to communicate leadership, raise ambition and forge stronger relationships between the public and private sectors.

Climate Action have curated a thoroughly researched and validated programme aligned to the key trends and challenges we face in our collective fight against climate change. The programme is designed to build momentum on climate action ahead of COP26 in 2021.

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