Climate Action

YPF Foundation, together with YPF, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Ministry of Economy of Argentina and provincial and municipal authorities drew up a Sustainable Development Plan for Añelo, the city closest to Loma Campana, the unconventional oil & gas reservoir in the Vaca Muerta formation in Neuquén, and another for Las Heras in Santa Cruz, a neuralgic city for conventional oil and gas production.

Driven by the growth of oil and gas activity, the productive and demographic development is causing major changes in these localities. In order for the transformation of these cities to be carried out in a sustainable manner, and also respecting the environment and creating a real improvement in the quality of life for the inhabitants, an initiative was launched that adapted the methodology of Emerging and Sustainable Cities of the IDB.

It involved conducting diagnostic and planning stages with a short, medium and long term time horizon (20 years); in total a year and a half of working with environmentalists, urban planning, water resources, health and education and entering into dialogue with the local stakeholders.

These Action Plans already have key social investment projects underway and constitute a roadmap for urban management and a powerful development tool geared to coordinate the efforts of state investment, international organizations and private sector credit for sustainable development.

The strategic direction of the YPF Foundation is to Educate for Energy. Its priorities are the formation of the new generation of energy professionals and the sustainable development of the communities where the company operates.

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