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Valopaa Ltd. is LED lighting company based in Finland. We develop and produce LED light fittings for demanding environments. We have concentrated to lighting solutions which require high energy efficiency, long lifetime and easy maintenance.

Valopaa Ltd. is located in Oulu, the high-tech city of Finland, known worldwide for telecommunications know-how. Our competence is based on wide experience of working in telecom and electronics industry. Our network partners have a long experience in mobile and base station product subcontracting. We utilize their technologies and processes.

We research our technology and business competences together with TKK Lighting laboratory, VTT and University of Oulu

Valopaa products

The main characteristics of the Valopaa products are reliability, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and lighting capabilities. These are further defined in the following:

 Reliability: Heat control and tight-proof structures
 Energy efficient: High class components and product design
 Maintainable: Changeable modules
 Lighting: Design and implementation of optical structures

LED Street lights

The LED street light fixtures of Valopaa Ltd. have been developed on the basis of the company's modular LED lighting platform. VPM LED module series, with the optical solutions developed for it, enable numerous variations of the products. Thus, they are applicable to many different uses. The VP LED street light fixtures can be used in area lighting and lighting of sports areas and tracks, in addition to the basic use in street lighting. All the light fixtures suit to both renovation and new lighting sites. We are delighted to help you choose the right light fixture and optical solution for your lighting needs!

Reliable and maintainable

The Valopaa LED light fixtures have been developed for demanding environments with the requirements of energy efficiency and long life-time. The products contain components from well known manufacturers. Mechanical implementation attends to thermal control and mechanical durability. The essential product parts, the LED module and the power supply, possess high IP rating. The product has been developed to be maintained with changeable LED modules and power supplies. The products are developed and produced in Finland.

LED Bollards

The new valoT (VP8110) LED light bollard series is a tool for creative design in outdoor lighting. With these bollard fixtures you can create effective and constant lighting to passageways and highlight the trunks and crowns of trees. valoT bollard fixtures are also suitable for façade and spotlighting. The series includes 3 lighting versions: one for passageways, another for both passageways and trees; and a third version for the sole purpose of lighting trees. 

The bollard will be installed to a concrete base, and chainable cables run through the base of it. The way the product is constructed moves the excess heat away from LEDs and the whole structure is dust and water proof. Like all Valopaa fixtures, this series has also been designed to withstand vandalism extremely well.

The valoT bollard fixtures can also be equipped with intelligent lighting control. 

Modernization of light fixtures

Decision makers often don´t want to change light fixtures that are historical or designed by an architect, even though energy efficiency requirements would demand changing for newer and more energy efficient technologies. The solution is Valopaa retrofit projects: New LED technology is installed inside old light fixtures. The projects are easy to implement with Valopaa´s modular product platform.

To begin a retrofit project, first all information on the model of the light fixture and its picture is needed. At a later stage, a sample light fixture is useful to have for the design process. All this information is used to validate the technical choices. The development and production of the first version of the retrofit product takes about two months. If required, Valopaa will produce a sample light fixture to ensure that the installation of the light fixture is simple and easy, and that the light distribution is suitable for the installation site.

Valopaa retrofit projects:

- Cost efficient, because only the lighting technique is changed – no need to buy the whole light fixture and also often no need for new architectural planning

- Suitable for lighting sites where old light fixtures are to be preserved

 - Brings the benefits and energy efficiency of modern-day lighting technology to old, traditional light fixtures

 - Also available with Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system

Additonal areas of expertise

Press Releases

Valopaa delivers street lighting for Trafik Verket in Sweden

During this Autumn the underpass’s and cycle paths on road E4, at Töre Sweden have received Valopaa LED light fixtures.


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