Climate Action

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is a public higher education institution, with three primary missions: teaching, research and extension. The University has a nationwide presence, with four border campuses in Amazonas, San Andres, Arauca, Tumaco and four Andean headquarters in Bogota, Medellin, Manizales and Palmira, attending about 50,000 students across the country.

It is a center of intellectual and cultural life and offers a high-level education opportunity to the lowest income students. Professionals and researchers are trained in priority areas for the development of the country in 453 academic programs, 21% for undergraduate and 79% for graduate students. The University professors lead 988 research groups.

The Bogotá campus is in the center of the city and comprises 11 schools The School of Engineering has about 7,400 students in 9 undergraduate programs and 24 graduate programs. Future engineers are trained to think innovatively and act with social commitment. The School works continuously to be a benchmark for sustainability, leadership, entrepreneurship and responsibility for the development of the Country.

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