Climate Action

Sycomore Asset Management

Founded in 2001, Sycomore Asset Management, an entrepreneurial investment firm that is majority held by its founding partners and employees, specialises in investing in listed companies. Its expertise is based on a hands-on approach and a proprietary model for analysing companies’ fundamentals. This model is both a financial and extra-financial analysis embedded in a dynamic database shared by a team of fund managers and ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) specialists. Their task is to assess a company’s overall performance with regard to its stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, civil society and the environment. Investment capabilities are acknowledged as “High Standard” since 2008 by Fitch Ratings.

Member of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2010, signatory of the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2013 and of the Montreal Carbon Pledge since 2005, Sycomore AM also joined the "Global Impact Investing Network" in 2016.

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