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Strategic Power Solutions

Strategic Power Solutions (SPS) is a solely owned Ghanaian solar manufacturing company that offers a complete range of green, clean energy solar products that serves as complete power solutions to Ghana and the West African sub-region.

SPS was founded by the Board of Strategic Security Systems International Limited (3Sil) Group, an independent services conglomerate already active on the Ghana Solar market. SPS specializes in the manufacturing of PV panels, design and install, commercial and domestic sector; the first of its kind in Ghana and the West African Sub region.

We are also in the BIPV, EPC and IPP independent power production and providing turnkey solutions to large scale industrial sector. SPS is also holding its own branded secondary solar system which includes solar inverter from 800watts to 10kilowatts power, charge controllers, PV combiners and battery bank.

In the past 7 years, SPS has installed over 17,000 streetlights all over Ghana to deliver lighting solutions to deprived rural communities.

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