Climate Action

Somfy is the global leader in the manufacturing of strong, intelligent, quiet motors and control systems for both interior and exterior window coverings.  For over 40 years, Somfy has pioneered innovative developments in automated natural light management.

Somfy offers a wide range of motors and controls that optimize the use of natural light for both residential and commercial spaces. Our systems maximize Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), comfort and convenience while minimizing overall energy consumption. Somfy’s natural light management solutions are scalable in design, offered in a variety of power and control technologies, and are perfect for projects of any size or budget. Somfy products can be seamlessly integrated into third-party automation systems, making Somfy the natural choice for both building owners and homeowners looking for powerful yet intuitive natural light management solutions.

Somfy has undertaken several Corporate Social Responsibility actions (Bilan Carbone®, SOMFY Foundation and others) and is committed to exceeding international environmental standards (REACH, Ecopassport PEP®, etc.). Our engineers are dedicated to reducing Somfy products’ environmental footprint without compromising on quality.

Through our extensive global partner network, Somfy invites you to join over 300 million users and 30,000 commercial customers who are already enjoying Somfy’s solutions.



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