Climate Action

Sekisui House

Since our company was founded in 1960, we at Sekisui House have always prioritized our customers’ lifestyles, incorporating the very latest technologies as we engage in business with a customer-oriented approach to bring people comfortable living, at all times. As leaders in the Japanese housing industry, we were among the first to become involved in developing environmental technologies to help achieve a sustainable society. Our track record has also garnered a high level of recognition, and we are expanding our international business. Homes are not items to be consumed, but social capital to be passed on and lived in by future generations and other families. Ensuring that our customers remain just as satisfied over several decades is our vital mission. With our fundamental philosophy of “love of humanity” at the core of our corporate identity, we will continue to fulfill our responsibility as a company that plays a vital role both locally and globally. In 2008, the Sekisui House Group announced its “2050 Vision” aiming to eliminate CO2 emissions from housing, quickly shifting management focus to decarbonation. In FY2017, we revealed medium-term initiatives focused on 2030 to share our path of progress with stakeholders including customers, employees, long-term investors and suppliers who are concerned about long-term value realization by the Sekisui House Group. With the goal of achieving zero CO2 emissions throughout the housing lifecycle, by 2030 we aim to reduce emissions 45%, 35% compared to FY2013 for Scope 1&2 and Scope 3 (category 11: Housing) emissions, respectively (SBT goal). Also, as an RE 100 member company, we will ensure 50% of the electric power consumed by our business activities is from renewable energy sources by 2030


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