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RVE.SOL is a social-entrepreneurship targeting community level renewable energy and portable water services at a market characterised by a demographic that has a strong desire to purchase alternative energy and water services.

Ours is an innovative, holistic approach to fighting rural poverty, crafted by a team with a proven business track record, setting out to build a sustainable, profitable social business that makes measurable social-economic impact and changes rural life forever.

The problem: Lack of access to safe energy and water perpetuates rural poverty. Millions of people globally die due to lack of access to alternatives. This causes a perpetual cycle of early death in rural communities.

The Solution: “KUDURA” is a Swahili word, loosely meaning “the power to change”. It is also the name we chose for our rural energy and water solution and is depicted in the sketch below. To reliably provide these services, KUDURA relies on world leading technology in the form of a number of discrete but integrated sub-systems: a Solar Photovoltaic plant, a Biogas and organic fertiliser plant, a Water Purification plant and a Central Monitoring system for remote oversight.

The system is a scaleable, self contained, integrated and completely stand-alone rural energy solution. Typical installations require less than 24 hours until “switch-on”. As inputs, raw water, solar energy and animal manure are converted to potable water, electricity, biogas and organic fertiliser. These are distributed from installation site within the community to meet consumer demand on a “pre-pay-for-service” basis.


Contact: Vivian Vendeirinho - Founder & Managing Director

Boa Vista

 +351 (917) 657-570



 +1 (512) 481-7481

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