Climate Action

Our vision is to help our clients managing the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future. In every new project and challenge we undertake we start with a detailed analysis of the needs and the possible paths forward, we devise or apply the best technologies, as well as the most suitable organizational and strategic practices and innovations, with a clear focus on long term environmental sustainability.

POCH Ambiental, the group’s environmental consultancy branch, has been fostering Climate Change policy and mitigation actions through long lasting relationships with both industrial and corporate actors from the private sector and institutional policy makers at the national and multilateral scale. Our multi-disciplinary team provides services in climate change mitigation, carbon markets, environmental management, policy analysis and strategic design, prospective studies and scenario development, sustainable urban and energy infrastructure and other related fields.

Some of the key services in the Climate Change and Sustainability area are:

GHG emission abatement, CDM and Carbon Markets:

We provide services from GHG emission inventories and projection studies, to the full cycle of carbon abatement projects (both CDM and voluntary markets) from identification to emission reductions issuance, carbon foot-printing and carbon management strategies in the waste, energy and agro-forestry sectors.

Climate Change MRV and New Offset Mechanisms:

We are leading the development of new tools, methodologies and offset options for the future of the climate change regime. We have designed a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system to be implemented by the Chilean Renewable Energy Centre to keep track of emission reductions and co-benefits in the form of financing, capacity building and technological change, from all renewable energy projects in the country. We have also developed NAMAs proposals and analyzed new bilateral offset mechanisms with MRV systems for Latin American countries.

Sustainable Built Environment:

We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council and as such we provide expert advice and consultancy services in Green Building and LEED certification. Our comprehensive Energy Management Strategy is put at the service of our clients to achieve the optimal economic and environmental energy performance through energy audits, energy modeling, and commissioning. LEED and Energy Efficiency projects support the design, construction and operation criteria for architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, and specialized design of renewable energy and wastewater treatment systems. We have also contributed to the design and implementation of Energy Efficiency policies and programs.

With our experience, we are prepared to partner with industrial and corporate players and with governments throughout the Latin American continent to strategically design and bring about a more sustainable world.

Poch Ambiental

Contact: Luis Costa - Director of Sustainability Services


Poch Ambiental


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