Climate Action

MIRAI INTEX SAGL is a Swiss engineering company developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly refrigerating and air-conditioning units.

Air Cycle technology used and integrated by MIRAI INTEX with innovative solutions, opens new horizons in refrigeration and air conditioning without leaving an ecological footprint. The depletion of the ozone layer and global warming have posed new requirements on industrial equipment, which have lead MIRAI's team to develop units that operate with natural air as a refrigerant instead of harmful HFC gases.

With innovative solutions based on air cycle technology and achieved through advanced scientific and technological developments, MIRAI provides environmentally friendly equipment aiming to make this world a better place to live in. MIRAI Intex offers a viable product line of HVAC units and refrigeration equipment for storage needs at ultra cold temperatures, also compliant for storage of high sensitivity products such as food, biomedical products and others.

Innovative Air Cycle refrigeration technology reduces health hazards for humans, saves energy and minimises harm to the environment.


Contact: Lana Bright - Marketing Department

Via Luigi Pasteur 1
6830 Chiasso

 +41 78 610 92 07

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