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Innovations Unlimited Middle East

Innovations Unlimited ME provides turnkey renewable energy solutions in the Middle East, sourcing technologies from global leaders while warranting local expertise and follow-up.

In line with the nature of our work, we recognise our responsibility as a corporate citizen to preserve the environment for future generations. We therefore strive to contribute to the creation of a green culture by championing environmental initiatives that are true to the cause.

One such initiative this coming year will take on a broad national scope in Qatar, and will feature an exceptional sustainability festival with year-long activities that aim to draw the general public and especially youth, to consider human impact on the planet and join the movement towards sustainability. The festivities will include a captivating blend of entertainment and educational attractions, ranging from concerts and symposia to live displays.

The Qatar Today Green Awards 2010 recognised Innovations Unlimited ME as First Runner Up for one of its early projects that included the design and implementation of Solar Street Lights. These lights helped RasGas, one of Qatar’s largest energy companies reduce CO2 emissions as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Setting off with such tactical and diligent engagements, we are currently well positioned, both geographically and competently, to serve some of the largest and most pioneering projects taking place in the region. Innovations Unlimited ME is presently involved in several major developments that are set to redesign urban environments in their earnest consideration of environmental sustainability and capitalisation of natural resources to provide both aesthetic architecture and clean energy production.


Company Innovation


Innovations Unlimited ME offers turnkey renewable energy solutions in solar and wind technologies. Our products and services include:

  •         Photovoltaics
  •         Solar Thermal Water Heating
  •         Solar Lights
  •         Building-integrated Photovoltaics
  •         Wind Turbines


Bringing together global best-in-class players in the sustainability industry, Innovations Unlimited ME complements its offerings with in-house resources of expertise to provide timely and reliable extended services.

Our global partners include leading names such as Kioto Photovoltaics, Sonnenkraft and Ecolights among others.

Our locally customized services consist of:

  •         Consulting services including engineering, design and feasibility analysis
  •         Renewable Energy Systems Installations
  •         Maintenance and monitoring: repair, spare parts storage, and cleaning, among other services 


We believe in fostering lasting relationships with our clients. Clients’ needs are assessed with a long-term view, providing services to help them today in the context of a complete solution that will easily serve their organization’s evolving needs for tomorrow.

Innovations Unlimited Middle East

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