Climate Action

GREENPRINT CONSULTANTS E.I.R.L. is made up of experts with high experience in the fields of mining and environment. They have 21 years’ experience developing and assessing studies of environmental impact. Our personalised service along with an excellent communication with our clients contributes to the success of your business in every phase of your projects: exploration, construction, operation, closure and post-closure.

We propose the use of friendly practices with the environment through environmental management plans in coordination with our clients. Examples of these are the continuous improvement of processes, the optimisation of energy and water use, soil protection, air quality management, solid waste management, among others, ensuring a green and sustainable footprint.

GREENPRINT CONSULTANTS E.I.R.L. was founded in Lima (Perú) in 2011 with a vision to provide the best service in parallel  with a contribution to the society and environment for 7 per cent of its overall income are directed to the financing of environmental studies.

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