Climate Action

GOWI AG is a Swiss based company selling both production licenses and turn-key factories to produce inorganic carbon from waste in an energy efficient and C02 neutral manner.

In the archetype factory, approximately 60'000 mt per annum of used tyres can be transformed into 10'200 mt of inorganic carbon, 20’500 mt of light crude oil, 19’800 mt of spring steel and 1'800 mt of soot.

The remaining 13% output are process gases which will be utilized to produce electricity.

The inorganic carbon recovered from waste in a C02 neutral process has the physical and chemical properties to:

Improve the day-to-day life of the global population by combating water and fertile land shortages
Help the industry to significantly save energy and generate whole new product categories
Increase the safety and efficiency of infrastructure constructions

Multiple applications for inorganic carbon:

Cleaning oil and chemical spills
High water adsorption
Preserving nutrients
Prohibit vaporisation
Super high density energy storage
Saving energy through weight/material reduction
Energy savings through minimal heat transfer

After years of development and testing, GOWI has developed the fully automated VDI-Industrial Module that is CE certified in compliance with European industrial standards.

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