Climate Action

Gogoro® is igniting the power of innovation to transform how cities distribute, manage and experience cleaner, smarter energy. 

Gogoro has launched the Gogoro Energy Network™, an advanced battery-swapping infrastructure for cities that enables broad consumer access to portable energy through battery vending machines called GoStations.  

Together with the new high-performance Gogoro Smartscooter™ EV, Gogoro provides a new approach to urban energy and transportation efficiency.

The Gogoro’s Smartscooter™ is the world’s first high-performance, emissions-free, electric two-wheeled vehicle. It’s designed from the ground up to be the most sophisticated electric two-wheel vehicle that is both user-friendly and accessible to the mass market. Gogoro injects a new level of design, engineering and technological sophistication unparalleled in the two-wheel industry. The Smartscooter™ combines performance with an innovative electric motor and powertrain, integrated cloud computing that seamlessly integrates with the Gogoro Energy Network™.

Gogoro believes that easily accessible, hyper-connected portable power will help turn the world’s most densely populated megacities into cleaner, smarter cities.

Smarter, Cleaner & More Flexible Energy 

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COP21 Climate Leader Video – Horace Luke, Gogoro

08 Jan 2016