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DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, with more than 2,300 experts in over 30 countries around the world, is committed to driving the global transition toward a safe, reliable, efficient, and clean energy future. With a heritage of nearly 150 years, we specialize in providing world-class, innovative solutions in the fields of business & technical consultancy, testing, inspections & certification, risk management, and verification. As an objective and impartial knowledge-based company, we advise and support organizations along the energy value chain: producers, suppliers & end-users of energy, equipment manufacturers, as well as government bodies, corporations and non-governmental organizations. DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability is part of DNV, a global provider of services for managing risk with more than 10,000 employees in over 100 countries.



Technical innovation lies at the heart of much of what we do. Our team of more than 2,300 professionals with offices and representatives in more than thirty countries around the world, is dedicated to the provision of customized solutions. This encompasses everything from the origination of innovative, yet practical, answers to the energy and sustainability related problems of the future, to the development and implementation of cutting-edge quality assurance services for electrical and other high-risk equipment and processes.


PowerMatching City

PowerMatching City is part of the Integral Project: a consortium of eleven European partners seeking to build and demonstrate an industrial-quality reference solution for the aggregation level control and coordination of distributed energy resources, or, in other words, a smart grid. The Integral Project gets its name from the project partners’ ambition of designing an integrated coordination system for three typical network situations: 

  •          Normal operation 
  •          Critical situations 
  •          Recovery from blackouts


For each of these three situations, a demonstration project is being built. The results of the field tests will be used to realize a generic coordination mechanism.

PowerMatching City is one of the three demonstrations, focusing on ‘normal operation’. The demonstration has been realized by DNV KEMA in cooperation with ECN, Essent and Humiq. The coordination mechanism developed by the means of this field test addresses the question of how a market can be structured, so as to promote the interests of all stakeholders: 

  •          Prosumer: maximizing economic benefit 
  •          Network operator: reducing peak loads 
  •          Producer/Supplier: minimising imbalance costs by using the cluster as a virtual power plant                                                                                   


In Hoogkerk, a suburb of the Dutch city of Groningen, 25 homes have been equipped with a mix of decentralized energy resources (PV-solar, microCHP and hybrid heat pumps), smart appliances, smart meters and electric vehicles. Together they are called the PowerMatching City project. Wind energy is also supplied by the Kreileroord wind farm. Stabilization and optimization of the network are realized by trading energy on a local market, based on a realtime price signal using the PowerMatcher concept.


Project coordinator 

  •          DNV KEMA, the Netherlands


Project partners            

  •          Humiq, the Netherlands 
  •          ECN, the Netherlands 
  •          Essent, the Netherlands


DNV KEMA launches new risk management guidance for the CCS industry

In August 2011 DNV KEMA initiated the CO2 Risk Management (CO2RISKMAN) Joint Industry Project to develop a publicly-available guidance on major accident risk management of the carbon dioxide (CO2) stream within CSS projects. This guidance is now complete and provides the CCS industry with clear and comprehensive information to help in the development of effective CO2 risk management across the whole CCS chain from capture facilities through to underground injection.

Press Releases

Smart cities: a pathway to inclusive growth

The Middle East is on the eve of an energy transition that will affect all walks of life. Arab countries can no longer depend solely on hydrocarbons. In the long run, they will have to shift to more sustainable resources like solar or wind power.


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